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Ronnie Genser
5348 Greenland Rd, Suite 100, Sandy Springs, GA 30342
Provides organizational tools, mentoring and resources for the numerous, unexpected, and sometimes painful tasks encountered after a death. We also work with clients long before one’s death on the ‘personal and practical’ affairs they need to do, which are above and beyond the work performed by their professional service advisors.

Bereavement Navigators guides widow/widowers/adult children through the numerous, unexpected, and sometimes painful tasks that follow a death, by providing them with the organizational tools, resources, and mentoring they may need after their loved one has died, in hopes that Bereavement Navigators’ knowledge will make the myriad tasks and the journey ahead easier for them. This work is similar to what a Sherpa does – someone who guides and helps people navigate in places and situations they have never been before.

In addition, Bereavement Navigators works with healthy couples and individuals to help them prepare, or in some cases better prepare, their affairs long before their own death. This work is in many ways similar to a “lifeboat drill”, because for many people it not only becomes a wake-up call, but it also affords their loved ones an opportunity to practice what they will face in the future, while realizing there is no perfect preparation. As a result, Bereavement Navigators offers clients and their loved ones the priceless gift of peace-of-mind, knowing the potentially myriad tasks their loved ones will face after their death will be much easier, less time-consuming, and most importantly, less stressful.
Ronnie Genser