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2133 Splitrail Trl., Buford GA
Renewable and Energy Efficiency services which reduce facility operating costs and add to resident comfort and safety

Solar, battery backup, lighting, smart building management systems
Rob Blatecky
Director of Commercial Development
Cartersville, GA
Helping individuals, families and businesses to grow and prosper.

Wroblewski-Mullin Partners is a national company that helps serve thousands of small businesses and millions of individuals and families. We provide small businesses with sales, marketing and risk management solutions. In March 2016, Irene Wroblewski and Bill Mullin combined their considerable talents and experience to form this company. Irene has an extensive background in direct marketing and sales, analytics and customer service. Bill has managed numerous companies, directing national, regional and local sales teams. He also has an extensive background in risk management, consulting with small businesses across the country. If you have the capacity for more customers or the desire to conserve your cash, we have the solutions. Our team has over 70 years of experience helping small businesses grow and prosper.
William Walsh Mullin
Managing Partner
Irene Brygida Mullin